Violent Exposure


Scenes from television programmes on the night the Birmingham unrest quelled.  The TV schedule for the evening included the usual contemporary pulp-vision; “I, Robot” and “Alien Vs. Predator,” and an ITV police drama starring Caroline Quentin.

During this time, the flow of information/news from myriad sources is overwhelming in content and volume.  Other data on the events is exaggerated and fabricated.  At times the flow of new information comes close to standstill.

Popular mantras are seeded and perpetuated by the media;  distorted through repeat transmission and dispersal, like a transmuting germ.



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SageA sun-dried farmer was bundling sage stalks for market on the roadside.  We pulled over, hopped off the scooter and gingerly approached.  The old-boy greeted us effusively.  Glad of our interruption to the repetitive task, he eagerly offered us his packed-lunch.  We sat together in the breezy shade of an ageing olive and shared his gift of food.

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